What I actually feel when I go through the new Kiratpur Manali road for the first time.

First-time excitement on the scenic Kiratpur Manali road! πŸš—πŸžοΈ #TravelThrills #NewAdventures"


What I actually feel when I go through the new Kiratpur Manali road for the first time.

My actual planning for the trip to Kiratpur Manali started a bit long before, maybe about a month or even more. However, I had to put my plan on hold due to the hype and news surrounding the new road. I read some articles that mentioned the new road would soon be open to the public. This got me really excited about the road’s inauguration, and I have been eagerly waiting for that day. Finally, last Monday, I heard the news that our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had inaugurated the new road.

On Tuesday, the next day, I made up my mind to start my trip towards Manali using the new road. I grabbed my bike key and packed my backpack, ready to embark on the journey. I began my trip from Chandigarh, with the first leg of the journey taking me towards Kiratpur. As I reached Kiratpur, I was thrilled to see the start of the new road. I entered the first tunnel, which starts from Gara Mod, and for a moment, it felt like I was in a different country. The tunnel was a high-tech marvel of the new generation. After coming out of the tunnel, the mesmerizing views of green mountains and the blue sky elevated my mood to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey on the new four-lane road.

I decided to take a stop in Jarol, which is located 10 kilometers behind Sunder Nagar. I took a break at Raja Hotel, a very famous hotel and restaurant in the Mandi district. The service was extraordinary, and Mr. Rahul took great care of me during my time there. After the break, I resumed my journey, continuing to revel in the beauty of nature and the view of Sunder Nagar Lake. I met some strangers during my stops along the way and even took some great photos of the road and mountains.

By evening, I reached Manali and took a refreshing shower at the hotel. Then, I headed towards Mall Road in Manali, where I explored some amazing cafes like Cafe 1947 and Voyager Nest. Later, I visited Hadimba Temple, where the vibes were truly awesome. I received prasad from the Pandit ji and received his blessings. After that, I returned to my hotel, scrolled through my Instagram page, and posted some new updates. Following that, I had a beer and rolled a joint, enjoying a moment of relaxation before peacefully falling asleep.

That concludes my trip. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. A big thanks to you!

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